About Us

About Us

“I wish I spent more of my life cleaning.” – Said No One Ever.

Marvel Cleaners is a team that does house cleaning, office cleaning, apartment turnovers, and severe cleaning/remediation. We have 8+ years of experience and are here to help!

Do not be embarrassed or self-conscious about inviting us over to clean because:

A) If it didn’t need doing; we’d be out of a job!
B) We love a challenge!
C) Nobody’s perfect! We are all run ragged, work too much, tons of obligations, who has time to clean??? and
D) We’ve seen it all! (Trust us!)

When you contact us to discuss your needs, please let us know the following:

  • Size of your home / office / space being cleaned.
  • Would you like for us to use our cleaning products, or yours? (We use standard cleaning products that we have found to be most effective.)Please make us aware of any sensitivities or allergies that are relevant.
  • Difficult pet areas? No problem! We have enzymatic cleaners that break down any pet stains/accidents and subsequently stops them from returning to the marked spot.
  • What days/times work for us to come by (if available – we can come the same day! Feel free to ask!
  • What city/town you live in.

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For initial residential deep cleaning, we charge between $90 per hour total for a two-person cleaning team. We supply all cleaners and equipment, however, if there is a special cleaner you would like for us to use, please feel free to provide. If you are interested in follow-up/maintenance cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly), we will assess a flat-rate cost so that you may budget appropriately! The maintenance cleaning cost is lower than the initial deep cleaning, and we continue to thoroughly clean the same areas so that we maintain the initial deep cleaning that was previously done. For a list of what we do when cleaning, please CLICK HERE.

Apartment turnovers and move in/out cleaning is $110/hour, which includes cleaning inside of all cabinets, closets, appliances, etc. For a list of what we do during a turnover, please CLICK HERE.

For cleaning involving a higher level of remediation (pests, biohazard, hoarding, etc.), we will estimate the cost at a different rate. We can give you a rough estimate via email based on your description, once we are there and can see it, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the cost and time involved. A deposit will be required.

We have a 2-3 hour (work or rate) minimum per job, depending on distance. For jobs requiring more than 30 minutes of travel, we reserve the right to charge a travel fee.

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